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a field of glamping bell tents lit up in the dark night

Wondering what to pack for glamping? We’re here to help you pack those glamping essentials so that you can have a magical time luxuriously sleeping under the stars!
Read on for your ultimate glamping checklist!

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If you know me, you know how much I love unplugging by being outdoors and surrounding myself in nature. My ideal break is a close-knit family camping getaway in the middle of a beautiful hideout in the lap of nature. Toasted marshmallows, stories around the campfire, the fresh, gentle breeze and the peaceful tune of the raindrops hitting the ground….

Ah, that sounds like bliss!

But let’s crash back into reality for a second, and talk about how I always end up stressing about carrying all that equipment, sleeping on the lumpy ground and rolling around on that half-blown-up air mattress!

So, thank God for glamping – a process that infuses luxury into this wild experience!

“Glamorous camping” aka glamping lets you experience nature but with a fancy twist. It’s your pampered camping trip with the best of amenities to ensure you unplug with an upscale approach.

Although conventionally, glamping is typically done in canvas tents or yurts, the concept has matured to include pull-behind campers, teardrop campers, tepees, gipsy wagons, tree houses and log cabins, all at fab glampsites – not only here in the UK, but all around the world.

Overpacking & under-packing are the bugbears of any dreamy getaway, but it is SO important to be prepared with your list of what to pack for glamping – especially when you’re travelling with your little ones.

This read will help you figure out what those glamping essentials really are so you know exactly what to take glamping and what to leave behind. All that’s left is for you to focus on having the best time ever!

Sound exciting?

Let’s read on for your glamping packing list! You’ll be ready for your glamping adventure in no time!


While you should be sure to carry your basics, a lot will also depend on the amenities provided at the glampsites and what activities you want to do when you get there. Of course, the weather and other external factors will also play a part.

So whilst there may be some variables, we’re here to rescue you with this exhaustive glamping packing list that gets you prepared for every possible contingency!

an old fashioned tan leather suitcase with a vintage camera set on top


Before you even think about your glamping packing list, you need to know what is already going to be provided for you when you get there.

Contact the glampsite in advance and ask them about the following:

Glamping Safety & Security Measures

You should definitely get an insight on whether the glamping structure is secured, if the glampsite is enclosed or opens up in the wild, or if there is monitored security. This is an essential piece of information, even more so when travelling with your family.

If you need to take valuables with you and are at all concerned about security, consider investing in a small travel safe.

Electricity & Network Services at the Glampsite

Many remote & offbeat locations might not be equipped with power or good mobile reception so it’s always good to check this before you go. Also, make sure you check-in about the air-conditioning and/or heating.

What to Take Glamping vs What’s Already There

Glamping sites are usually pretty well equipped. However, make sure you do your research on exactly what’s offered and ask if there’s a local shop nearby, just in case of emergencies!

Here are some questions you might want to ask:

  • Where will you be sleeping and what will you be sleeping in (e.g. futon vs luxurious kind size bed, sleeping bag vs hotel style bed linen etc). Do you need to bring your own sleeping bag/bed linen? What about any extra blankets for the colder nights?
  • The Bathroom Situation: This is one of the most basic yet crucial tenets of the experience, which can vary immensely based on the glampsite or type of glamping experience. Get some information beforehand about whether you’ll have access to a shared bathroom vs a private toilet and shower, and whether or not towels and/or robes are provided. If you have to share the facilities, think about taking some anti slip bathroom slippers to wear in the shower.
  • Are toiletries provided (hand soap, shower gel, shampoo etc)?
  • Are things like cutlery and crockery provided? What about cooking equipment such as pans and mixing bowls?
  • Is there a BBQ on site and if so, are BBQ tools provided?
  • Will you need to bring food basics such as butter, milk, tea bags and bread? Some glampsites offer a welcome pack which includes these basics. I’ve also stayed somewhere that, for a small charge, offered locally sourced ingredients to cook up a delicious English Breakfast each morning. Yum.
  • Is there somewhere to do laundry on site?
  • Do you need to take cash or are card payments accepted?
  • Is there anywhere nearby to go for lunch, an evening meal or a local tipple?
  • What activities can you do in the local area? Knowing this will help you plan what type of clothing you’ll need. It’s also a good idea to book activities ahead of your stay – especially during school holidays when things often get booked up in advance.
three people on horseback riding on a beach at sunrise
book your activities in advance


With the huge variety of comfortable amenities that are already included on site, glamping really can prove to be the dreamy getaway that the photos portray. However, to make sure the experience is as magical as it possibly can be, make sure you have access to the following glamping essentials:

Sleeping Essentials

  • Sleeping bags: In case there is no bed linen provided, make sure you’re carrying sleeping bags. We can recommend the SWTMERRY- Sleeping Bag 4 Seasons: ideal for all seasons, lightweight and the colours are lovely!
  • Pillows: No such thing as too many pillows! Dump in a few into you car anyway, they’ll make the journey comfortable too.
  • Duvet, sheets and blankets: If you’re aiming for luxury glamping, duvets and sheets will help amp up the warmth and comfort.

Cleaning, Washing & Hygiene Essentials

  • A sponge, washing up bowl & liquid for a quick clean up post your meals.
  • Tea towels, wet wipes & anti-bacterial wipes will help clean up well, especially with children around.
  • Pack in some kitchen roll, cling film/tin foil & bin bags as your kitchen hygiene essentials.
  • Hand Sanitisers & masks will come in handy, just in case of any water problems on-site and for your journey. Masks, of course, to stay safe!
  • A first aid kit to help sort out any minor injuries

Tech Essentials

tassled cushions and a teddy bear on a bed in a glamping tent
a teddy bear counts as a glamping essential, right?!


Here are some essential clothing items that I recommend you include on your glamping checklist:

  • I would recommend picking clothes that easily absorb moisture over cotton. Remember, comfort is key! You might want to pack clothing that is versatile and can be styled for multiple events.
  • Packing in some basics such as tank tops, jeans, t-shirts, and shorts depending on the season, and bringing your hiking attire such as pants and boots is always a smart choice.
  • Even the hottest day of the year becomes pretty chilly during the later parts of the day, so get that fire pit going and put on enough layers to keep warm if you’re planning on staying outdoors post the sunset.
  • For chilly evenings or the winter season, layering pieces like cardigans, thermals, sweaters, coats and long pants would be ideal. You can add cute beanies, gloves, and scarves to add some fun and playfulness to your outfit.
  • Let’s face it, British weather is just so unpredictable. Don’t forget to pack your waterproof jacket, no matter what the season!
  • Keep your suitcase light & don’t forget to check in about the laundry situation at the site.
  • Also, the little ones will likely be running around outside pretty much all day, so they’re bound to get dirty and dusty. Ensure you’ve got enough clothes to cover all eventualities.


Most glamping experiences have access to a kitchen area where you’ll be able to whip up your favourite dishes.

Here are some of our favourite meal choices:

  • For breakfast, you can always stir up a bowl of porridge with honey, fruits of your choice, nuts & seeds, or pick up some delish baked goods from a local bakery.
  • For lunch, you can pick up a fresh loaf of bread and make your favourite sandwiches: bacon, cheese, veggies – whatever feeds your soul!
  • No glamping adventure is complete without a good bbq! Take the meat (or vege alternative) with you or shop local and buy it whilst you’re there.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to make some pasta, a stir fry, or cook some rice on a hob & serve it with a curry. Condiments like ketchup, mayonaise etc and cooking oil spray might make for a good pack too.
  • Another idea is to cook some jacket potatoes on the camp fire. I also love making some homemade pizza! It’s a fun activity to do with your children too.
  • If you want to keep it really simple but oh so wholesome, give these one pot meals a go! I actually have been known to take my slow cooker away on short breaks with me. It might sound a bit crazy but when you have limited time to explore somewhere, you don’t want to waste valuable time cooking. With a slow cooker, you can pop everything in it in the morning and come home to a hot nutritious meal after a busy day of adventuring. Doesn’t sound so crazy now does it?!
  • Don’t forget to pack some wine so you can wind down with a glass or two in the evening. Red wine can serve as the perfect pick, in case there is nowhere to chill your beer or white wine.
  • Here’s some more stuff you can’t forget for a glamping trip:
    • Hot chocolate
    • Tea and coffee
    • Biscuits
    • Chocolates
    • Marshmallows for roasting
    • Sticks to roast the marshmallows.
    • Sweets for the car journey

Top Tip: Consider your slow cooker a glamping essential for making easy, nutritious one pot meals!

Here’s our glamping checklist for the tools you’ll need to turn your meals into memories:

  • For your meal prep, throw in some knives and pack a chopping board.
  • Cutlery, plates and bowls
  • For the drinks, don’t forget a bottle/can opener, corkscrew, a cool box and freezer blocks.
  • BBQ toolsThis BBQ Grill , which is foldable & portable has been an indispensable part of all our glamping trips when there hasn’t been a BBQ available on site!

Top Tip: Don’t forget to check what facilities, cutlery, condiments etc are provided at the glampsite so you don’t end up doubling up!

a mum and son sitting at a table in front of a glamping tent whilst the dad carries a tray of food


If the distance from your lovely abode to the glamping site is long, it is essential to keep the children entertained on the way. Here are a few activities to keep the kids busy:

  • Audio Books: Listening to audiobooks is a great & efficient option to enjoy a good book while on a road trip, it also helps build concentration skills. From Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie to James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, pick out a title they love and witness the magic unfold.
  • Finger Puppet Shows: Infuse imagination into the mundane by helping your little ones put up their very own puppet show.
  • Milestone Unlocked: For lengthier road trips, ‘unlock your milestones’. Pick some landmarks to look out for on the way and surprise your children with tiny trinkets once you pass them! You can choose from travel games, stickers, cards and more. If you’ve bought the finger puppets mentioned above, you could give them a new puppet at each milestone so they can add to their story!
red toy car, a pen and some loose coins on top of a map


Making sure everyone is comfortable throughout the journey is very important. Pop the following on your glamping checklist to ensure this journey is a smooth one:

  • Motion sickness is real. If anyone’s feeling a little green in the gills, try these Ginger Chews, instead of popping the often-used pills. These ginger hard candies are a welcome alternative and undoubtedly taste better, too. Don’t forget the Anti Nausea Wristbands too if you’re looking for another drug free alternative.
  • To battle the aches & pains post car naps pick the iTotal Travel Pillow, and stay cozy with these fleecy waffle blankets!
  • A car travel tray is a great pick for keeping kids entertained. I stumbled across this by accident but I honestly don’t know what we did without it! It’s a little fold out lap table big enough for an iPad with pockets for pens, water bottle, small toys etc. Perfect for loading up with activities to relieve the car journey boredom!
  • Additionally, a car back seat organiser helps keep everything tidy and makes great use of the limited space in the car.
  • If you have trouble drowning out the light and background noise, pack an eye mask and some ear plugs for a comfortable nap!
  • Antibacterial wipes, wet wipes and hand sanitiser have been a lifesaver for more than one road trip and remain an absolute must.
  • A hungry child is also an irritable child! Keep healthy snacks like vegetable crisps, raisins, cranberries, hummus & pita and peanut butter crackers for everyone to nibble on as you all take on the road.


Glamping holidays are all about spending time in and appreciating the great outdoors. Read on to find out how we make the most of the nature around us:

  • Stargazing: Download the Google Sky app and try and find some constellations together.
  • Treasure walks & bird-watching: Use the Go find It cards to make walks even more fun! Let the children get their hands on some collectables while they’re wandering outside. We also love Geocaching – download the app and join in the fun!
  • Toast marshmallows: Did you even go glamping if you didn’t toast some marshmallows? Oh so yum!
  • You can also pack these great outdoor games: Twister, Boules, Velcro Catch and Swing Ball are our favourites.
  • Utilise the amenities at your glampsite and surrounding area: swimming pool, hot tub, paddling in rivers, pony trekking, hiking and whatever else is on their charts!
  • Spend time just sitting, relaxing and enjoying the quiet of the countryside. If your glampsite offers limited outdoor space, take a look at these top car awnings that don’t need a roof rack. They’re really handy to keep in your car and quick to set up at the beach or provide shelter for a picnic!
a woman and girl running across a meadow with a pink flare


While it’s essential to understand what to pack for glamping, it’s equally important to understand what NOT to carry! We don’t want to carry too much or be exposed to the risk of loss/theft & more. Here’s our take on
what should be an absolute no-no for every glamping checklist.

  • NO expensive electronics: They’re heavy, take up a lot of space, and will distract you from enjoying the beauty that surrounds you! Leave that laptop at home!
  • NO heavy books: Instead pick a Kindle or an iPad, saves you space and weight and makes the read choices limitless.
  • NO white clothing: You’ll probably be spending most of your time outside the site. Wearing white will just keep you worried about spilling things on it or being uncomfortable in the sunny outdoors.
  • NO strong perfumes: Carrying strong perfumes or sprays might attract unwanted creatures, especially if you’re in close proximity to wildlife.


If you’ve got your glamping checklist sorted but don’t yet know where to go for your glamping adventure, then don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Luckily for you, I’ve just recently been searching for the perfect glamping experience in North West England and decided to write up my top picks to help you in your search!

Click here to read all about Glamping in North West England – plus some other nearby destinations such as North Wales and The Peak District.

Glamping in North West England embraces a wonderful mix of city, coast and countryside. You’re sure to find something that sparks your interest!


We hope this glamping checklist helped you plan your next amazing glamping adventure! If you think I’ve missed anything, please do send me a message/leave a comment and let me know so I can add it on!

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